Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why Cloud Computing?

Everything what's today is going to be past tomorrow and eventually will become obsolete. Coming to the question Why Cloud computing?
Today computer has touched our lives in many ways. So mostly computer users want things like:-
- Faster speed - More Storage - More applications - Extensive browsing - Communication - Research & Development - Easy access to data & much more.
The way increasing demand and needs of the consumer can be met continuously, is to give user more control over their computing and address the above mentioned needs.
The organisation which is pioneering in Cloud Computing i know of is Google. They are becoming bigger and bigger in many aspects of cloud computing. But Google Apps & Marketplace need to understand their customer more, they must work on the ease of accessing their cloud.
Regardless, coming on the topic today's consumer need lot of ease in their computing. Cloud computing precisely offers the easy, faster, secured & most efficient way for consumers to use their computer. The biggest impediment for Cloud computing is the speed of information to reach & retrieve from cloud. Someone working on this will make good money for sure.
What is being foreseen in future is:- people will have very limited storage on their computers and have a private cloud of their own and wherever in the world they are travelling can retrieve their information as if they carried their laptops or desktops.
Cloud computing is going to be one big thing for future sure and only way it can have a great impact on the world, if people/masses can utilize the services and setting up a cloud can become affordable...

Stay tuned for more interesting updates..... and let me know what you think...

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