Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cloud in Mobile space

Things are rapidly changing towards enriching the word Cloud Computing. Here are some of the links which can give a brief insight about Cloud Computing and Mobile platforms.

Like I have said in my earlier blogs, Google is the one pioneering in the Cloud computing they surely are but thousands of miles away India (the land with immense talent in IT) has really cool things to offer to customers.



Here is the link to YouTube video  which tells how the innovation of cloud computing is powered by Google.

Its very interesting link to watch to understand what Cloud computing is and what solutions are available from Google. Many organizations and businesses are turning towards cloud computing, the best thing about Google Apps (Cloud Resource) is that even small businesses and above all individuals can manage their own cloud.

Rapid innovation powered by the cloud – another reason to Go Google

The Video Presentation:-


Have you ever wondered are their any devices that support Cloud Computing as their primary goal. Well the following just proves that. It converts all your documents to the cloud (which you are using) directly from your computer. Click on the topic to learn more...

CloudZap Move Your Docs From Scanner or Desktop to the Cloud

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